Top 10 Investment Books You Must Read

Here’s a list of 10 of the best investment books out there. Try to read some of them if not all and we are sure you will learn a lot.

Save Your Money not to save it But to invest it. Investing your money is one the smartest way to grow your money. It’s always important to learn about investing and investment if you master your money and achieve financial freedom.

1. The Intelligent Investor


Warren Buffet picked this book as the BEST INVESTMENT BOOK EVER WRITTEN. Sold over a million copies in hardcover. This book is an all-time classic when it comes to investing.

If you have never read a book on investment, I think you should start with it. It not only taught you the most complex ideas of investing but also the fundamental key rules of investing.

2. Common Stocks And Uncommon Profit

By: Philip A FISHER

This is one the first book I read on investing and I didn’t regret my decision. This book provides you overall qualitative analysis of the stock market and investment.

Some people say it is outdated and old. But ideas given in this book are still ruling the market. we would like to recommend this book to all those who want o understand what makes a company great.

3. One Up on Wall Street


An important investment book to all those people who want to gain some basic knowledge about how stocks actually work share market and how to select the best portfolio of securities.

I personally like this book as it has made some hard to get concept much easier and easy to understand.

4. How To Make Money In Stocks

By: William J. O’NEIL

William Neil has done some heavy lifting before writing this book. It is comprehended and analytical view on investment. The book is filled with enormous theoretical knowledge with a practical approach.

5. The Little Book Of Common Sense Investing


Personally I haven’t read this book yet( though it is in my list), but one of my friends has read this and he finds it extremely valuable. Though it is named a little book, it is packed with everything we need to learn in investing. A must-read for investment beginner.

The key idea of this book is ” Buy and hold low index fund”

6. A Random Walk Down Wall Street


Great theories to learn from this book. A good primer into basic finance. This book is simple and solid. A deep and close understanding of wall street is what this book all about.

7. The Essays Of Warren Buffet

Another masterpiece. A must for anyone who is interested in investing. It is the collection of essays from none other than Oracle, Warren Buffet over the decades of his experience in investing. The book is simple in words but the ideas it provides are undeniable.

Warren buffet only has immense knowledge of investing and the stock market. But he also has a very deep understanding of human behavior, trade management, corporate culture. Give it a try you will surely thank us.

8. The Little Book That Still Beats The Market


Classic when it comes to learning the financial literature. This book explains financial and investment concept is highly easy and approachable manner. It is short and succinct. Joel Greenblatt explained how an investor can outperform the stock market and make a fortune.

9. Buffet: The Making Of American Capitalist


I have read this book thrice and trust me every time I discovered something useful about investing. Who is a better man than Warren Buffet in investing? Absolutely no one. This book is all about Warren Buffet’s ideologies and his deep understanding of the market. This is an absolute classic biography of the greatest wall street giant. Everyone should read this.

10. Beating The Street

By: Peter Lynch

A must-read investment book for the newcomers in the financial market. Peter Lynch, a legendary money master explain the simple fundamentals behind picking up best stocks and mutual funds.

Definitely a must-read for an amateur who is very keen and interested in learning about the stock and stock market.