How To Make Money From Your Blog?

12 Ways To Make Money From Blog

There is nothing better than making money from your passion, earning money doing what you love the most. As a blogger, I do love to write and if I get paid for it there is no better feeling than that. So without wasting your time lets talk about how you can make money from your blog?

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1. Adsense

Surely the primary way to make money from your blog is AdSense. So many people already know what is it. Those who don’t, it is basically an ad campaign run by Google in which you allow Google to show ads on your website or youtube channel, and in return you make money.

Once you start getting a sufficient amount of audience on your platform you can apply for Adsense and once approved you are ready to make money. There are so many ads programs also you can choose from other than Google Adsense.


2. Affiliate Marketing

Well, I think I have written about affiliate marketing on my website like millions of times and it is worth it that’s why here’s one more. If you have a considerably good audience on any platform be it a blog, youtube, FB, Instagram, or any platform, you can earn a good amount of money.

All you need to do is create a link of a product from a website you want to promote and ask your audience if they can buy that product from your given link. And every time they make a purchase you make a commission. After Adsense affiliate marketing is the major source of earning for bloggers and YouTubers.


3. Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are those posts that are written specifically for the endorsement of the given company. It is more targeted and you can have control over it. If you have a huge and loyal audience there are so many companies that are willing to pay thousands of dollars for a sponsored post.

Huge companies contact big bloggers to write content featuring their service or their product which in return increases in the sale and revenue of the company. A sponsored post is also one of the best methods of making money from your blog.


4. Guest Posting

Guest Posting or Guest Blogging is a method of blog writing where either you allow people from the same niche to write on your website or you write on someone’s website. It has its own list of benefits but one of the major benefits is that you can make money from it.

Some websites actually pay you for writing a guest post on their website or you can charge money for allowing people to write on your blog. This way you not only make a lot of money but also establish your credibility as a writer.


5. Start a Podcast

The podcast is doing great in the online content creation market. In easy words, the Podcast is a recorded audible content in which people listen and you make money. How? Well, like any other social media, Podcast also sells ads and based on your listener you make money.

Sponsorship is still the major factor of earning from a podcast. Companies approach podcaster to feature their product in their podcast and in return they get paid for it.


6. Paid Webinars

Web+Seminar = Webinar. The webinar is a website based seminar where people interact with each other through an online medium. The webinar is held for many reasons from teaching, communicating, discussing, to a workshop.

You can also use the webinar to grow your audience, and an increase in the audience means an increase in income. Plus you can also earn from sponsorship on your webinar.

7. Sell Membership

Not all corners of your website should be available for everyone. There are some people who want to connect with you more closely. For such an audience you should have a closer way to connect plus for them you should add some special features to make keep them more engaged.

You can start a membership campaign where you allow your audience to buy a membership. And in return, you can provide exclusive written content, more engaging videos or podcasts, more valuable services, or products to them.


8. Sell Online Courses

If you want people to learn about what you are blogging like food recipes, traveling, finance, beauty tips, SEO, digital marketing, social media management content writing, or anything you can actually teach them by providing online courses.

Many bloggers or even YouTubers are providing their online courses where they taught their audience about different topics according to their preferences. In this way, you are not only making money but also teaching your audience something really valuable.


9. Sell Digital Product

Once you established as a blogger and you have a considerable amount of audience you can sell your own product to make money from your blog. See when your audience connects you more closely it helps you building your brand because they trust you and they become your first customers.

You can sell digital products like Ebooks, memberships, printables, or you can also sell any product according to the niche of your blog and make money.

10. Offer Online Consulting

If you are a professional in your niche and have good control over your subject. You can also provide coaching and consulting online. There are so many people who are willing to learn new things or just need a consultation on a particular topic.

Consulting can be a good source of income where you can charge according to a session or per hour. There are so many bloggers who are providing consulting and in return making a happy amount of money.


11. Publish a Book

Yes, you read it to write you can write a book based on your blogging experience. Like if you are a food blogger or a travel blogger you can write several books on Recipies and Travelling respectively. This way you allow your audience to connect with you even further.

There are so many bloggers and social media influencers who actually pen down their blogging experience in the form of the book. And trust me their books are trending in the New York Times Best Seller List. What my daughter wore and Rules for my Unborn Son are the books that started as a blog.

12. Product Reviews

Once you established as a blogger with a good genuine audience, there are so many companies who would approach you for endorsement, sponsorship and etc. Such companies are open to paying you a good amount of money if you do their product reviews such as tech gadgets, beauty products, apps review and etc.

They know how much influence you have on your community and your one good review can multiply their sales. So give a genuine review and earn money.

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