21 Simple Ways To Make Money Online

How To Make Money Online?

The Internet has become one of the most integral parts of our lives and nowadays it’s impossible to think a day or two without the internet. It not only become a source of information or way of connecting different people at a single platform. But for millions of people, the internet becomes their source of earning. Many people are making money online through the internet in so many ways.

Making Money Online is quite famous in recent times because not only it is convenient for people but also it provides an opportunity to get rid of 9-5 rat race. Keeping this in mind we have prepared a list of 21 ways in which you can make money online.




1. Start Your own Blog or YouTube Channel

Certainly, this is one of the best ways of earning money online. With internet rise in India in recent times, we have seen a huge increment in the number of bloggers and YouTubers sharing their knowledge and experiences. And with such huge appreciation by the public, it opens so many ways to make money for bloggers and YouTubers.

If you are passionate about sharing your knowledge at the world’s grandest platform and want people to listen to you then you can surely go for Blogging if you love to write or YouTube if you love videos, in both ways you are sharing your knowledge and earning money.


2. Affiliate Marketing

To be very honest one of my favorite ways to earn some extra money. Affiliate Marketing is gaining tremendous popularity in recent times. It is one of the major ways of earning among social media influencers.

I have listed down some of the major affiliate programs you can choose from:

All you need to do is join any affiliate program and generate a link of any product you want people to buy, and every time someone purchases that product from your given link you will make a commission.


3. Start a Podcast

With over half a million podcasts running all over the world, the podcast has now become one of the go-to the source of content creation. In simple words, it is a recorded audible content. It can be Interview, opinion, or just general talk. The podcast is gaining serious popularity in India in recent times.

How does Podcast Make You Money? Well, the majority of money in podcast comes from sponsorship. Based on your listener Companies approaches you to sponsor their product on your podcast and for that, they give you seriously a good amount of money. You can easily make something between $20 to $50 per thousand listeners and this is huge.


4. Open an eCommerce Store

To be very honest, It is still my dream to open an online e-commerce store. It is one of the major sources of passive income nowadays. No, you don’t have to compare yourself to Amazon and another e-commerce giant. If you know your market well then you should be starting an e-commerce site.

With the help of local shopkeepers and other local selling authorities in your city, you can sell physical stuff and with the time you can scale it. Markets are going online nowadays and there are lots of opportunities for e-commerce sites to grow and prosper.


5. Create Online Courses

You name it and you have it on the internet. Due to very high potential the internet in recent times also become a great source of online education and information. Some of the biggest educational institutes are providing their education online.

From Udemy, Unacademy to Shaw Academy, there are so many online institutes who are providing online courses and in return making a good amount of money.

So if you have a deep understanding of a subject like finance, digital marketing, Seo, graphic designing, or any kind of knowledge. All you need to do is create your course on an online platform and each time someone buys it, it brings money to your pocket.


6. Become a Social Media Influencer

Social Media become a prominent part of our life, we can’t imagine a day without it. And surely with such an impact of social media in our life its content creator or social media influencer have a huge impression on our lives. We follow our most favorite social media influencer wholeheartedly.

Becoming a social media influencer is not at all easy task but if you have a loyal audience you can make money as an influencer. There are so many brands that want to tie up with such influencers who have huge audience support. Plus there are also so many creators who are making thousands if not millions by brand deals.


7. Buy and Sell Domain

I know this might be a little confusing to you, but this is something really new. Domain business or buying and selling domain is quite simple. Buy domains you feel like important or might be in the future and whenever and sell it at a higher price.

People spend hours on the internet to get an exact suitable domain name for their website and a professional firm can pay anything to buy it. There are so many examples on domain selling sites that how a person buy a domain for hardly a penny and sell it in for thousands.

You can use the following sites to buy and sell your domain and make a good amount of profit out of it.


8. Online Trading

If you have ample knowledge about the stock market and how does it work. You don’t need to step a foot outside your home as you can do it all online. There are so many online website or apps which provides the facility of online trading. In this way, you can buy or sell stock from home and make money.

But before dive into the sea of online trading, be sure you have enough information about that. Having enough knowledge always works in your favor. So before searching for the best investment or trading apps, first improve your knowledge about the stock market.


9. Make Money By staying Fit

There is nothing better than getting paid only to stay healthy and fit. Websites like HealthyWage, Charity Miles, StepBet, DietBet, and Sweatcoin are some of the sites that actually pay you for being fit and stay healthy.

These apps track your diet routine, the total number of steps you walked in a day, your workout routine, plan your activities and in return, they provide you cash prices. What is better than making money while keeping yourself fit and healthy? Surely nothing, I request you to try one of these apps and make money.


10. Join Online Survey

Share your honest opinions or answers and earn money, it is as simple as that. Swagbucks, Survey Junkies, InboxDollar, LifePoints, MyPoints, and Prize Rebel are among the top online survey websites which pay you every time you participate in a survey.

All you need to do is signup for the website, fill your field of expertise or your field of preference, and your basic information and these websites will let you know the best-suited survey according to your preferences. So you can participate and earn money.


11. Become a Freelancer

Freelancers are the independent worker who offers their service without any legal bound to the companies. There are so many companies, institutions, firms, or even individuals looking for a freelancer to get their work done. I have listed some sites that provide you to work as an online freelancer

Freelancer offers its service in any of their preferable niches and earns money like Graphic designing, content writing, logo making, virtual assistance, translation voice-over editing, and the list goes on. So when are you trying?


12. Publish Your Ebook

If you love to write and are much into writing stories or fiction then you can surely monetize your passion. That period is long gone where you have to knock the door of every publisher in order to get your book published. Now you can publish your book on any Ebook platform and make money.

Below are some of the Ebook publisher if you really want to publish your book online.


13. Sell Your Craft On Etsy

Etsy is one of the best platforms to sell your art or craft. If you are someone who likes to draw, make DIYs, make craft you can monetize your passion. Etsy is a hub of people who make their living or even more just by selling their art and craft on Etsy.

The first thing you need to do is to create an Etsy Online Shop, don’t worry you don’t need to open a giant eCommerce store basically you need to signup for Etsy and that’s it your site is ready. You sell your art and in return make money anytime persons buys something from your shop.


14. Sell Stock Photos Online

If you are a photographer who loves to take beautiful and outstanding photos you can turn your passion into profit. There are so many stock websites that buy and sell online photos and pay you a good amount of money in return.

I have listed below some sites that buys good qualities photos and videos, you can try out

In the beginning, they might ask you to submit some good quality pictures and once your photos and videos are approved by them you can earn money by selling your photos online.


15. Sell Gigs on Fiverr

Among the largest freelancing sites Fiverr provide huge opportunities to make money online. Fiverr offers you an opportunity to monetize your passion. Whether you are a Graphic Designer, website designer, art, writer, translator, and many more you can earn from Fiverr.

There are so many people who hire a freelancer for their work and Fiverr provides you that platform. You can sell your gigs and for every task, you get paid the minimum of $5 or even you can decide your own price.


16. Become Online Translator

So you know multiple languages, great. There are so many opportunities that a Translator can grab and start earning money. You can work for various companies who want to expand their business, educational institution, or also as a freelancer. Online translators are often hired by people who want to learn new languages.

Upwork, Gengo and Unbabel are some of the sites which provide opportunities to the translators to work from home and make money. Depending upon your requirements you can work either part-time or full time.


17. Become Virtual Assitance

Well, this is something that is gaining some serious popularity in the online market. A virtual assistant as its name suggests is an independent person who provides you administrative and services from a remote location. Virtual Assistant has these following duties to do

  • Meeting Arrangement
  • Email Handling and Organisation
  • Maintaining Your Schedule
  • Maintaining Your Accounts

Many big companies or even entrepreneurs hire a virtual assistant to spread their business in developing countries and any other remote location. VA manages all the responsibility of the company through the internet. You get paid a handsome amount of money being a virtual assistant.


18. Make Money Flipping Website

We spend hours scrolling and flipping different websites each day, what if I told you that you can make money by doing that. And I am not kidding, there are a bunch of different websites that are willing to pay you a good amount of money just for flipping and checking their websites.

This is both fun and easiest way to make money. Qmee Swagbucks are some of the sites that pay you to surf on the website. You can also get paid for viewing ads appearing on the website. The more you surf the more you make.


19. Social Media Management

If you spend most of your time on social media scrolling up and down seeing your ex’s picture and smiling. Why don’t you make money from it? Yeah, this is not rocket science. If you are a keen social media user you can provide your service as a social media manager.

There are so many celebrities or influencers who are looking for someone who can manage their social platform like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and help them grow. You can work with such clients and provide them your service. You can start as a freelancer on Fiverr and later own start your own social media management company.

20. Graphic Designer

If you are fond of making designs and play with the art then you can also work as a graphic designer. Graphic designing in simple words putting your words forward in the form of arts, shapes, and design. With everything becoming digital graphic designers have a brighter future.

There is a huge demand for graphic designers in every field be it fashion designing, web designing, letterpress printer, 3d illustrator, and many more. You can also provide your service on the freelancing website listed above and make money.


21. Data Entry

Last but not the least, Data Entry provides you so many ways to make money. It is easy, convenient plus it can put a good amount of money in your pocket. In simple words, Data Entry is a process of entering data in the computer from any other sources like paper document and etc.

You can work full time or as a freelancer. For data entry, you should have good command over MS Excel, Words, Powerpoint and etc. The freelance sites provided above also provide service for data entry.



We have limitless options of making money online, and most people are doing the same. We are not living in the 80s were for earning money you need to put your foot outside of the house. You can work from home for even the biggest companies in the world and can earn a handsome amount of money. All it takes is a beginning and this article might be the beginning.

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